Uganda has been called the 'youngest nation'  due to the fact that approximately half the population is under the age of 18.

Because of the impact of HIV/AIDS, many children are also orphans. We do not run orphanages but focus on strengthening families as they care for orphans.

We do this through -

  • Ante-natal care and immunisation - we take these services into village settings so that all children can benefit and begin their lives in a healthy way. 
  • Treatment when sick - we run an out-patient clinic five days a week where children and adults can be treated for an affordable fee. Read More
  • We also have a programme called Child Educational Sponsorship, to enable orphans and vulnerable children go to school. Read more

Learn about time2own

Since 2001 we have rented a building in Jinja for staff housing and offices. The location was strategic for our Village Ministries. But now we want to buy this property and develop our work in the City of Jinja.The Village Ministries will continue, but there is also work for us in the City. We call this plan time2own Read More

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One square foot of our property costs US$22 UK£18 Euro20 but any size of donation is welcome.

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