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YWAM ToRCH was established in Uganda in 1992 as a response to HIV/ AIDS. From 2001 we rented a building here in Jinja for use as staff housing and offices. This location was strategic for our work in the villages.

 In 2013, after a season of prayer, we developed a new vision. Our village work was to continue - but we were to also buy property and begin work in the emerging City of Jinja.


We call this vision time2own

It is  time2own property

It is  time2own the City


Our key focus at this point is buying the property.


We have raised 62% of the total cost of US$300,000.

Our next target is to reach a further US$ 80,000 by 31st October 2017 - to cover the final payment to the seller and some legal costs. After this, we need only another US$ 35,000, to complete any legal expenses and repay an interest free loan.

 The property has a main house of three bedrooms, presently used as offices; a sitting room which we use as a classroom; a kitchen; a dining room and a double garage. An extension behind the house gives us six more bedrooms and a dormitory for eight people. Around half of the land is undeveloped and additional buildings could be constructed.


A donation to time2own strengthens our work in Jinja - but our village ministries also benefit as the building serves them too!


Any donations - large or small are appreciated.  




We request that you kindly consider to partner with us as we work to secure this property and reach Jinja City.


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Any donation is appreciated. We are seeking people who can partner with us in our
 A square foot of the property costs US $22  UK£18 Euro20 75,000Ush.



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Since 2001 we have rented a building in Jinja for staff housing and offices. The location was strategic for our Village Ministries. But now we want to buy this property and develop our work in the City of Jinja.The Village Ministries will continue, but there is also work for us in the City. We call this plan time2own Read More

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One square foot of our property costs US$22 UK£18 Euro20 but any size of donation is welcome.

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