Child Educational Sponsorship 

We seek sponsors to cover the educational costs for orphans or vulnerable children. 


Can you help?

Our aim is for one child from each selected family to have a good education - right through to University or Vocational training.
Uganda has a policy of Universal Primary Education so that all children can go to Primary school. An initiative for Universal Secondary Education is also being put into place. However, even the cost of a government Primary school can still be beyond many families. The fees have been covered, but there is still need for uniform, stationery, books etc. A lot of students who start school fail to complete the course, dropping out after a few years. 

 At the moment, we are sponsoring -

10 pupils in Primary school,

16 in Secondary school,

6 students in University.


The provision of sponsorship means that each of the families can be sure that a child has a chance of completing education. Many of the children that began by receiving Primary sponsorship have now grown and are in Secondary or Tertiary education. For those who are in University especially, the fees and costs are very large and multiple sponsors will be sought for such a child. We are still seeking extra sponsors for the students in higher education.

Since we started sponsorship many children have been helped. Denis Adero is one of our graduates- Read his story.


Are you interested in sponsoring a child?  Please write to us for further information. Click here.


Not able to sponsor but would like to give a one-off gift? One-off gifts help us where students have short-falls in sponsorship or special needs. Click here.

Please note - If you are in need of sponsorship, we are sorry, but we are NOT taking on new students at this time. We have no further sponsorship to offer. We will also NOT take on new students over the internet. We already have many children who are in need. THANK YOU