Volunteer Opportunities

GOD has called us to work in teams, therefore, YWAM ToRCH volunteers are the heart of the organisation, providing professional skills, time, energy, and personal commitment to fighting disease, poverty and restoring hope to the hurting. Therefore, ToRCH is constantly seeking godly

men and women who want to dedicate their skills and time to serving God.

Our environment  is a multi-cultural, multi-denominational and multi-generational, enabling the staff to use their potential in providing care

to the hurting in rural communities. The office is equipped with modern communication systems, which enable YWAM ToRCH to work and relate with the rest of the YWAM family, and oversee our activities in the community. It also enables the staff to communicate with their friends and supporters.


  For many of our staff, they are part of a personal calling in Christ.

Our staff are financially sponsored in their work by individuals, churches and businesses. ToRCH is

committed to its staff by providing opportunities

and benefits that serve their other needs. Therefore our Foundational Values affirm our dedication to being relationship oriented in our living and working together. We are called to value each individual, and to lead lives of transparency, humility and open communication.