Local Church

The YWAM ToRCH team works with local churches in many different ways.
  • Our volunteers and visiting teams work with churches to take the gospel to the community. Using creative ways to transmit our message encourages the church to also be creative.
  • We want churches to care for their communities. We want to see them have concern for the practical needs of their neighbours not just spiritual needs. We also want to equip them with practical strategies to combat poverty and disease. We therefore train churches and pastors in community development, saving circles etc.
  • We believe that to have a strong church we need effective church leaders. We work with local geographical networks of pastors and church leaders to strengthen them in different ways.
  • We are an inter-denominational movement and we are ready work alongside all churches. In particular we have a team focused on the Catholic Church as part of the Kerygma International ministry.

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