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  • Saji Thomas

Business as Mission

Training, Equipping, and releasing people to transform the communitiesand nations socially, economically, and environmentally!

All over the world and in every walk of life people are affected by business. The job we do, the people we meet, and our quality of life are all influenced by business. It is a part of life that can impact nations, peoples, and societies in many different ways. God commissioned His people to go into all the world and bring His Kingdom. Using business is one way of bringing transformation to nations, especially to the poor and the unreached.

There are still many parts of the world that have not heard the Gospel and will not hear it unless someone goes and tells them.

The world is now open to business, business with a mission is an opportunity to reach people and everyone is welcome almost everywhere. BWAM (Business With A Missions) brings the Kingdom of God into unreached areas through profitable businesses.

Many Christian business people feel called to use their business skills and talents to serve God. They wonder how they may be used to bring transformation to the neediest parts of the world.

BWAM provides a pathway where business people can use their skills and experience to mentor, coach, and encourage others. We also help launch Christian business people by training and equipping them to start companies around the globe.

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