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Time2Own Cities

Time2Own Cities seeks to bring Healing and Transformation to the Cities.

Starting in Uganda, but moving out to the rest of Africa and throughout the Globe.
We are pioneering and have three key strategies to begin with -

  • Training

  • Outreaches

  • Our Work in our home city - Jinja



Time2Own Cities Discipleship Training School (DTS) - a six months course to train and equip those that are called to work in cities. Upon completion, students may choose to participate in an optional three-month Internship Program, which provides additional mentoring and development to help them pursue their life's purpose with greater focus and clarity.


Time2Own Cities Outreaches - here we target a specific city with activities such as prayer walks, witnessing and school ministry. Our mission is to empower and inspire the church to themselves take ownership of their city. These outreaches take between one to three weeks




What we do in Jinja – Jinja is our home city. Our vision is for cities around Uganda, Africa and beyond. But Jinja is our home and we want to be having impact here. We want to have credible ministry that we can use to be a model and teach others.Of course, the needs in a City are huge.


We have identified three areas of focus for now -

  • Prison Ministry – YWAM has worked in the prison for a long time, mainly in evangelism, discipleship and encouragement. We feel we need to broaden this, to look at wider needs, especially to prepare the prisoners for life after prison.

  • Schools – Uganda has a young population, UNICEF states that 44% of our population is under 14 years old. We have found school ministry to be an effective way of reaching young people with the gospel and good life principles.

  • Informal Settlements – adjacent to Jinja City Centre are at least six areas of informal settlement (slums), where people are living in substandard accommodation, without government services. In 2012 it was estimated that the population in these areas was 32,000 people. It is likely to have increased. We plan to adopt one community and to seek God’s heart for what we can do there.

Join us in our journey to own our cities and make a difference!

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